Become a Work Pirate

Teaching you how to unf*ck work

We're a community of people professionals who are a bit fed up of the status quo and are convinced there's a better way. 

We have each other's back while we're all starting our own mutinies to make work better. 


Getting Involved

Becoming a Work Pirate

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1. Download 8 Steps to Becoming a Work Pirate

Our 'how to' guide'

Download our free guide - 8 Steps to Becoming A Work Pirate. 

Helping aspiring Work Pirates find the courage to unf*ck work. Re-write the rules and start your own mutinies!

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2. Join The Mutiny

Free Facebook Group 

Get even more support and inspiration by joining our Facebook group – Work Pirates Mutiny – full of people like you who want to unf*ck work for good!

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3. Attend a Gathering

Meet, share, laugh and learn!

Work Pirates Gatherings are sessions for people professionals who want to make a difference to the world of work.

We talk about how to do culture, organisational development, leadership development, recruitment, restructuring and support people in organisations better.

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4. Help us unf*ck work

Collaborate with other Work Pirates

Bringing together a community of Work Pirates to collaborate on our mission to unf*ck work.

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5. Get some Pirate Coaching

Support with starting your mutiny

James and Michelle work with aspiring Pirates to help them put their strengths and courage to work in starting their own mutinies.

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6. Get your Work Pirate Merch

Really comfy hoodies! 

If you *really* want to, you can order some Work Pirate merch - hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, socks. For the avoidance of doubt - this is not a compulsory step!

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