Building Better Businesses

(aka Getting Ship Shape)

It all starts with people. The right recruitment, the best onboarding and tailored staff development. Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and unf*cking work.

Our Building Better Businesses programme is about getting your people and culture right from the off.

Business Meeting

A complete approach to people and culture

Working with our workplace psychologist Michelle and strengths coach James

From the recruitment process, to interviewing and assessments, onboarding, training and ongoing development - we can work with you to create an approach which helps you attract and retain the people who are going to take your business forward.

The Work Pirates' Building Better Businesses programme will increase employee engagement, drive performance across teams and help you retain the best staff. Our strengths based approach create a fulfilling employee experience and a culture that breeds success


So many business owners find that getting the 'people stuff' right tricky. But, it takes even more time and effort when you don't have the right foundations in place.

Michelle Minnikin, Work Pirates


Building Better Businesses

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