Choosing your crew

Creating robust selection processes to prevent you from getting a bad catch


Selection processes and recruitment training

The purpose of a values-based approach to selection is to ensure that you recruit and develop the right people not only with the right skills, but with the right values to support the growth of and development of the organisation and ensure cultural alignment.

We humans think we are generally excellent judges of character, but this has been proven not to be the case. AND there are loads of questions you aren’t allowed to even ask in interviews.

In addition to interviews.... there are other, more reliable methods to ensure you hire the right people.


How we do this

We work with you to co-create:

  • Your employee selection process – what works best for you and how to recruit, both virtually and in person.

  • Training for your team on how to recruit effectively, so they are happy and confident in their abilities to make recruitment decisions.

  • Support strategies to ensure the selection process can be adapted to be as inclusive for all.


Benefits of our approach


Better, more confident hiring managers who make better hiring decisions.

Consistent processes and candidate communications so every applicant is happy with their experience.

Hiring the best people for your team and organisation.


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