Work Pirate Coaching

Increasing confidence, visibility and playing to strengths

We work with our clients in a number of different ways to help them get to where they need to be.


Strengths Coaching

With James

Where you are now does not have to be as good as life gets. This is your starting point.

Gallup® CliftonStrengths will be at the core of our work together. A globally renowned assessment to help you understand yourself better, where your strengths lie, and aiming these towards your goals. ​


Courage Coaching

With Michelle

So many leaders are struggling with the confidence and courage to create real change.

Creating safe space and practical support to busy leaders from across the globe to take some time to focus on their self-care, tap into their own inner wisdom and work on fulfilling their desires. 


Strengths & Courage Coaching 

With James & Michelle

Why have only one coach, when you can have two experienced coaches working to help your employee understand themselves, become more confident and work towards their goals? James and Michelle work together to help harness strengths, unlock confidence and get them where they need to go.


ADHD Coaching 

With James & Michelle

Since Michelle's ADHD diagnosis we've been working with clients to help them understand and harness their neurodivergent super-powers! And to learn and practice the art of self-forgiveness and self-compassion. James and Michelle work to help them unlock their strengths and have the confidence to be themselves.

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