Strengths Coaching with James

Discover and develop your talents to perform at your best through strengths-based coaching

Where you are now does not have to be as good as life gets. This is your starting point.

Gallup® CliftonStrengths will be at the core of our work together. A globally renowned assessment to help you understand yourself better, where your strengths lie, and aiming these towards your goals. 

In 1 to 1 coaching sessions, you will gain the clarity, courage and confidence with the right tools to make better decisions, build new habits, improve performance, and create a happier life.

Invested in your success, I am here to guide you, share my own experiences and accountability to support you to make things happen. 


Using top strengths

James is a coach who is...


...will challenge you and help you to sort through the mental fog, evaluate obstacles and find the best route forwards.


...can clearly draw out and 'paint' a vision of your future then inspire you to believe what is possible with proactive actions.


...offers pragmatic optimism. Change takes work but should also be enjoyable. Expect such energy in our sessions.


...will see the potential in you and will find ways to challenge you to make new discoveries and take decisions towards your growth.

Relator invested in your success. I build deep relationships, share stories, experiences and tools in a safe space.


...turns dreaming into doing with clear goals, accountability, plus any adjustments along the way to help you stay on track.