Creating your pirate code

Understanding your company values so you can net your perfect crew member


What does good look like for you?

If you don’t know what a good human looks like, how are you going to grow the team without destroying the culture of your organisation?

We facilitate Values Workshops to help you create your own Pirate Code to uncover which rules, values and behaviours are important to the organisation. This is the foundation to all selection, employer branding and employee experience activities.

We use the metaphor of the Golden Age Pirates as a backdrop – our take on how to get people excited and interested in change and do the right thing.


How we do this

We work with you to co-create:

  • Values workshops, which are designed to challenge in a safe way and be lots of fun!

  • Your pirate code – (or your operationalised values) which forms the basis of the selection of new team members, information to support your employee experience development and employer branding strategy.


Benefits of our approach


You'll have some great new values and behaviours so you know what you're looking for.

You'll get rich employee feedback – an understanding of what employees feel they need to be successful.

Workshop participants will have fun and will also take more ownership in this process.


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