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You know work should be easier. More fun. You deserve to be happy at work. And so do your people. 

But when you’re facing people problems it’s painful for everyone. It hurts motivation and productivity. You want the best outcomes for everyone, but a workable solution feels impossible. 

Every leader has times when they don’t know how to solve people problems. Or if they have what it takes. Times when leadership feels lonely. 

What if you’re not alone? 

What if you had the confidence, courage and tools to do things differently to tackle these problems?

What if less stress and a happier, more engaged workplace is just a good plan and some bold action away?

When you need to turn the ship around, to navigate through the complexity and emerge stronger, you want a crew behind you with the right knowledge and experience. A collective of people professionals that can tackle any people problem on any scale. A kind of modern-day A-Team for your organisation. Only more pirate.


How we help

Building Better Workplaces

Getting Ship Shape

Leadership Development 

Unshackling your talent


Supporting every crew member


Why Work Pirates?

We get it. We have been in senior corporate roles too. Jobs that were not fun. Facing problems that at times left us feeling out of our depth. Nobody should have to feel like that. 

It’s why happiness in work is central to everything we do.

We help you re-write the rules of work and bring in the right crew to help you solve your people problems. A clear customised plan to set your direction. Navigating the plan together so you’re supported.

We sail off into the sunset leaving you with a happier, healthier, more productive workplace in our wake.



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