Hoisting your flag

Getting your employer branding right, to attract your perfect crew


Creating an attractive employer brand

Employer branding is defining a company’s reputation as an employer and what it offers to its employees. You'll already have an employer brand – it’s how your people talk about you. The story of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it.

Great employer branding helps to attract and keep fantastic people who will help you grow and achieve your vision. It makes the job of attracting people a whole load easier.

By not working on this, you can quickly sabotage your hiring efforts and make it more difficult to hire the best talent.


How we do this

We work with you to co-create:

  • Your Employee Value Proposition (what your current people love about working there).

  • A branding strategy which will attract the people you want and put off people you don’t.

  • Your recruitment marketing strategy.


Benefits of our approach


It will be much easier to attract the best people and so decrease the time and cost per hire.

Your employees will be encouraged to share their stories and celebrate their successes.

It’s not going to hurt your credibility with customers / suppliers / stakeholders either.


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