Unshackling Talent

Developing your crew

When teams work well together using individuals’ strengths, your organisation is happier, more productive and more profitable. Help your team grow together.


How we help


Work Pirate Coaching

Increasing confidence, visibility and playing to strengths

Do you have someone in your team that could be playing bigger in their role? Are they being overlooked for opportunities? Do you feel they are wasting their potential?

We help talented humans increase their confidence, become more visible in organisations and generally play bigger and help make it easier for them to realise their potential.

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Team Building Workshops

The fun kind

People learn better when they're having fun. We run pirate themed workshops to help teams understand where they need to focus their attention, develop better solutions and how to collaborate to take action to improve things.


Leadership Development 

A different way to do leadership

Are you fed up with leadership development programmes that are all about performance and learning fancy new words? 

We work with leaders to help them understand what is important, to use their strengths and learn how to work with their people to get the best out of them. 

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