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Unfucking work with Laura Rothwell

Laura is the founder and managing director of Crystallised, an award-winning marketing and communications team and Certified B Corporation® working with organisations who want to make the world, communities and lives better.

What is the one thing you would do to unilaterally unfuck work?

A four-day work week!

We started working a four-day week at Crystallised in 2019 and the most impressive stat is that sick time has reduced by 94% overall compared to our five-day week era!

The dedicated three days off work for rest, relaxation and recuperation has proved to be invaluable for individuals and the team performance as a whole. People are less stressed at and about work, they have a better life/work balance and it's a very strong statement of intent about how you prioritise people's health and wellbeing.

Of course there are considerations when it comes to service provision, client management, communication, routines, deadlines and so on, but we've tackled those things by being transparent, flexible and open to feedback in terms of our ways of working.

I'm now working with the global 4 Day Week campaign to mentor three organisations who are piloting the four-day week this year.

What is the best example of unfucking work you’ve seen in the wild?

The UK 4 Day Week Campaign by Joe Ryle and co. They've sky-rocketed the four-day week idea into mass consciousness over the past two years and have been the driving force behind establishing the pilot happening in the UK this year. Over 60 companies have signed up, meaning around 3,000 people are going to be enjoying a precious extra day to themselves every single week.

And their meme game is strong. 💪

Who is your unfucking work icon? The ultimate Work Pirate?

Francesca Lawson the co-creator of the Gender Pay Gap Bot; which spent International Women's Day retweeting the feel-good messages from organisations — but not without sharing data about the companies’ records on pay parity.

Recommend a book, podcast or article to our Work Pirates crew that made you think differently about work.

Working by Studs Terkel and The Pleasure and Sorrows of Work by Alain de Botton. Both are an exploration of people's work, from the mundane to the magical - exploring what work is, why we work and how work can fulfil or destroy your soul. Both dive into real jobs, real people's lives and cover an eclectic range of occupations - putting people's stories first rather than the "business" of work.


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