Strengths and Courage Coaching with James & Michelle

Why have only one coach, when you can have two experienced coaches working together helping you understand yourself, becoming more confident and working towards your goals?

We really enjoy working together with clients, not just for the energy we get from connecting with and helping people, but also because we bring different backgrounds, experiences and wisdom to support you on your transformation journey. We’ve been working together since 2018 and have been told that one of us is the yin to the other's yang (or that we balance each other out!)

James Eves.png

James Eves

James focuses on helping you create your vision, understand what you are awesome at and how you can use your unique strengths to super-charge your journey to achieving your goals. James is passionate about helping people claim their identities, deal with uncertainty and channel their strengths into greater performance.

Michelle Minnikin.png

Michelle Minnikin

Michelle helps you get out of your own way, understand all those voices in your head that are stopping you from doing stuff and learn how to love and accept yourself for who you are. She is passionate about helping you live the life you want to live, setting boundaries and unhooking from social conditioning.


Our wish for you...

  1. You’re able to be your wonderful, weird, authentic self without fear of what anyone else thinks

  2. You are able to live your life free from fear and self-doubt

  3. You enjoy playing bigger in your work and life

  4. You have firm boundaries and look after your own needs

  5. You know what brings you joy and are bringing more play into your world


At the heart of any coaching relationship is trust. In a series of sessions, we work with the you to identify and focus on goals and overcome barriers to growth and change. Between meetings, homework is assigned to help you meet your goals.

We use the terms coaching and mentoring interchangeably to describe the support on our programmes.


The Process

How to get started!

Step 1

Book in to chat with James & Michelle

Get to know each other better.
Define where you want to go.
See if we're the right coaches for you.

Step 2

Create a Plan

Co-create a tailored plan to accomplish your goals.
Understand timelines, investment and what's involved.

Step 3

Get Results

Courage, confidence and clarity to go after what you want.
Proactively use your strengths to achieve your goals.