Welcoming your crew

Welcoming your new crew member on board to ensure they're happy and feel like they belong (which also gets them contributing quicker!)


Establishing onboarding processes

Onboarding teaches your new people about their role in the company, why they’re important to overall success and where they belong. It helps them understand what the spoken and unspoken rules are – and how to navigate these.

Onboarding is a magical moment when new employees decide to stay engaged or become disengaged – a good first impression is so important. When you're not onboarded well (and we’ve all been there), the employee is left thinking they’ve made the wrong decision and could go home on day one to look for a new job.


How we do this

We work alongside you to define the “4Cs” and support you putting them into action:

  • Compliance – teaching your new people basic legal and policy-related rules and regulations, stuff they need to know to keep safe.

  • Clarification – helping your people understand their new jobs and what is expected of them.

  • Culture – providing employees with a sense of "the rules".

  • Connection – support with establishing interpersonal relationships and information networks.

Wrapped up in an engaging and fun experience


Benefits of our approach


You'll get a fully tailored on-boarding plan and associated documents & checklists that will help you feel in control of the process.

Your new people will feel welcome, prepared for their jobs, safe, happy and able to successfully contribute to the mission.

Your current team members will play a part in creating the plan and tailoring it to their team so will be excited to welcome their new colleague.


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