Who We Are

Unf*cking Work

The way we’ve always done things is no longer working.

We created Work Pirates, to help you re-write the rules of work. We help leaders gain the confidence, courage and tools to do things differently. So they can better solve their problems, feel less stressed and have a happier, more innovative workplace with more empowered employees.

Work Pirates is our second business together.

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James Eves

Captain of Strategy

James is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, speaks 3 languages, has an MBA and brings 20 years of experience working across 3 continents in various types of business.

As the Captain of Strategy for Work Pirates, he loves helping aspiring Work Pirates understand and use their unique strengths to re-write the rules of their work to change their world. His idea of fun is working with people to brainstorm options, explore opportunities to overcome obstacles and to plot their course to navigate stormy seas.

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Michelle Minnikin

Captain of Culture (AKA Quartermaster)

Michelle is a Chartered Psychologist and Coach with 20 years spent in organisational psychology, recruitment, coaching and personal development.

As the Culture Captain (AKA Quartermaster) of Work Pirates, she loves helping aspiring Work Pirates find the courage to unf#ck work by helping them re-write the rules and start their own mutinies. Jettisoning meaningless “Company Values” and helping organisations write their governing principles (or Pirate Codes) so they can attract, hire and develop the right crew for them is her idea of fun.


Stuff you didn't think you needed to know about us...

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  1. Being taught how to ask for “the bill” in a restaurant on holiday in France lit his language learning fire. He is now bilingual in French and English.

  2. Can juggle 3 objects at a time.

  3. Was once on the front page of Sweden’s financial newspaper Dagens Industri

  4. His first game for the Newcastle Falcons colts rugby team – got to wear his idol winger Tony Underwood’s shirt (as their kit wasn’t ready at that point).

  5. As a young boy (much to his parents’ horror) he would scale the walls between the house and next door’s garage, as he was wearing his Spiderman trainers.

  6. Is a self-confessed salt snob (if you know, you know!) – his favourite is “Fleur de Sel” from the Ile de Re in France.

  7. Would much prefer wearing shorts all year round than formal wear.

  8. His favourite smell is a French bakery / patisserie. 

  9. He passed his Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing. 

  10. He's currently writing a Christmas story for children.

Image by Rodion Kutsaev


  1. Her most famous Twitter follower is Chesney Hawkes.

  2. She spoke French before she spoke English.

  3. She has 2 Degus - Hermione and Hedwig (they did belong to her son, but you know how things go with kids and pets) and 2 rabbits - Bellatrix and Minerva.

  4. Had an argument with someone who insisted she had a Bristol accent. She's only been there once. For a day.

  5. She has misophonia - so don't breathe too loudly around her.

  6. She loves tomatoes. She does not like mushrooms. Or fish/seafood.

  7. She has a thing for castles - her favourite is Hampton Court Palace.

  8. Her pet peeve is boring power point presentations.

  9. She loves reading. Sci-fi /dystopian and historical fiction for fun and loves a personal development book for work.

  10. She's currently writing a book called Good Girl Deprogramming. 


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