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Work Pirates Code

What we believe!

Hang on a second... I thought pirates didn't do rules!! We don't - this is our code to help us re-write the rules of work.

This is what we’re fighting for:

  • Work is just not working for so many people; everything is broken

  • We want to make work better for everyone. Happiness in work is the goal. 

  • We want to love work, we want to learn as we work, we want to be proud of what we do and have the chance to do it well.

  • We teach organisations to help themselves.

  • Nobody is coming to rescue us! We have to rescue ourselves.

These articles were appropriated (with love!) and adapted from our favourite book -  Be More Pirate. 


Article 1 - make work better

  1. We want work to make us better, not worse.

  2. We actually solve problems; we get to the crux of the issue, we don’t use sticking plasters or just keep trying to sell our clients stuff that they don’t need.

  3. We are honest, we won’t BS and promise impossible results.

  4. We are product agnostic, we use whatever tool that is appropriate to help solve your problems.

  5. We don't retain all the knowledge, we are successful when we leave organisations with the ability to solve their own problems.

  6. We care about giving people a leg-up in our profession, so we will have at least one people-professional on paid work-experience per project.

Article 2 - adopt the new work rules

  1. We want the rewards of creativity, friendships, fulfilment and knowledge to match the financial compensation we need. 

  2. We want life/work balances, not the other way around. 

  3. We will try to live up to the promise of technology, efficiency and flexibility. 

  4. We commit to understanding ourselves and how we work best, we refuse to submit to situations that don’t get the best out of us. 

  5. We will break the tyranny of emails, meetings, to-do lists and any other anachronistic trappings of an old way of working, if they don’t work for us and we won’t stop until we’re judged on our output, not our input.

  6. We believe in collaborative ‘working’ and adaptive formats that are regularly used and reviewed in collaboration with not just the whole crew, with our customers, beneficiaries and stakeholders, we openly evaluate success and failure.


Article 3 - take happiness seriously

  1. We take happiness seriously and give deep happiness the place and importance it deserves. 

  2. We see happiness as a strategic driver for success, productivity and creative output but also as a strategic objective in and of itself. 

  3. We do not believe happiness is a nice-to-have, we believe it is a need-to-have. 

  4. We make happiness a starting point not just an end point; we use our intention to achieve happiness to inform the decisions we make, the environments we create and the projects we undertake. 

  5. We endeavour to measure, manage and share the proof we accumulate that happiness is symbiotic with great work, great impact, great relationships and greater effectiveness. 

  6. We do not conform to a one-size-fits-all happiness, not expecting to be happy every day but accepting and respecting the right to make happiness the goal.

Article 4 - always be learning!

  1. All captains and crews profoundly expect, respect, celebrate and appreciate the art of strategically, structurally and intuitively working things out as we go along.

  2. We work to understand; we don’t know everything, but we will try to find out. 

  3. We try our best not to have egos, we seek advice and listen to feedback and when we still don’t know, we use our best judgement.

  4. We champion creative solution finding and positive problem solving based on available facts, the moment of opportunity and power of practised intuition. 

  5. When indecision is not an option, when change is constant and nothing is normal, we’re proudly comfortable to rationally and rapidly develop, test and implement solutions as we go along. 

  6. We learn from our mistakes, even if we don’t celebrate them, and use them to work things out better.


Article 5 - just don't be a dick

  1. We use our best judgement.

  2. We trust that everyone is doing their best.

  3. We do what we say we will do and if we can’t, we will ask for help.

  4. We are kind to each other and to ourselves.

  5. When things go wrong, we address it head on - we don’t let problems fester and cause us more problems in the long-run.

  6. We have no idea what people are dealing with in their personal life - so we choose to be compassionate, empathetic and simply nice.