Work Pirates Code

What we believe!


Hang on a second you say... “I thought pirates didn't ‘do’ rules!” 

We don't - this is our Work Pirates Code to help us re-write the rules of work.

This is what we’re fighting for:

  1. Work is just not working for so many of us; so much is broken - we want to make work better for everyone. 

  2. We want to love work, we want to learn as we work, we want to be proud of what we do and have the chance to do it well.

  3. Nobody is coming to rescue us! So we have to band together and rescue ourselves.

These articles were appropriated (with love!) and adapted from our favourite book -  Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff.


Article 1 - make work better

  1. We want our work to make us better people.

  2. We share what we know so you too can create change  - we never hoard knowledge. 

  3. We want to feel safe, protected and like we belong; we want a voice, and be able to participate in the decisions that affect us. 

  4. When things go wrong, we address it head on - we don’t let problems fester and blow up later on.

Article 2 - adopt the new work rules

  1. We commit to understanding ourselves and figuring out how we work best.

  2. We want the freedom to work in the best way for our own needs and strengths.

  3. We want the rewards of creativity, friendships, fun, fulfilment and knowledge to match the financial compensation we need. 

  4. We need life/work balance, not the other way around - we enforce our boundaries and use our judgement. 

  5. We’re judged on our output, not on our input, we’ll experiment with more efficient ways of doing things in collaboration with our crew, customers and stakeholders


Article 3 - take happiness seriously

  1. Happiness is an important objective.

  2. Happiness is a strategic driver for success, productivity and creativity.

  3. We know happiness enables great work, great impact, great relationships and greater effectiveness. We'll prove this through our work.

  4. There is no one-size-fits-all happiness, different things make different people happy. We don’t expect to be happy every day but we accept and respect everyone’s right to happiness.

Article 4 - always be learning!

  1. We expect, respect, celebrate and appreciate the art of strategically, structurally and intuitively working things out as we go along.

  2. We’re enthusiastic and curious experimenters, we seek to understand, ask for advice and listen to feedback.

  3. We seek creative solutions and positive problem solving based on available facts, the moment of opportunity and power of practised intuition. 

  4. We learn from our mistakes and use them to do better.


Article 5 - just don't be a dick

  1. We trust that everyone is doing their best.

  2. We do what we say we’ll do and if we can’t, we will ask for help.

  3. We’re kind, compassionate and empathetic to others and to ourselves.

  4. Drop the ego. No one cares who you are. Everyone's just trying to do their job.