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We solve people problems for
business leaders
  • Create a positive work culture

  • Attract and retain great people

  • Develop and nurture inspiring leaders

  • Have confidence in your people strategy

What keeps you up at night?

Poor results, staff retention, decreasing engagement levels, increasing recruitment costs, hiring the wrong people, attracting the right people, developing your team, responding to new legislation, the changing face of work, creating inclusive cultures that work for everyone? All of the above? Something else?

Our Four Step Process

The clarity you need with the expertise you can trust



Understanding where you are now and where you want to be.



Creating a people-focused plan to move your business forward.



Ensuring this plan works for your business and your people.



Embedding this new way of working to drive your business success.

Optimise for success

By optimising your organisation and empowering your people to perform within it, you create the perfect environment for success.

Michelle Minnikin.png

Michelle Minnikin, Chartered Organisational Psychologist

Michelle helps you better understand how your people are responding to and integrating with your organisation, its structure, rules, processes and its culture. 


Our approach identifies ways we can optimise the working environment to improve fulfilment, wellbeing and performance.

James Eves, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

James helps your people to be more engaged and productive at work by supporting them to play to their strengths.


Our approach gives your people a chance to better understand their own strengths, bringing them greater confidence, self-awareness and energy at work.

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We're proud to count these forward-thinking organisations amongst our clients

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Business leaders, radical thinkers and those with a new perspective on work share their advice, experiences, their theories, their highs and their lows.

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