Work Pirates - James Eves & Michelle Minnikin

Work Pirates

Let’s get real - work as we know it is fucked.

A pair of modern-day pirates have had enough, and are on a mission to fix it once and for all.

A Gallup-Certified Strengths coach and business strategist James Eves, alongside a Chartered workplace psychologist Michelle Minnikin welcome you to Work Pirates.

Climb aboard, set sail and begin your voyage to business success and staff fulfilment.


How can we help?

Organisational support

Getting your organisation shipshape, for business owners, executive teams and leaders.

Individual support

Coaching and workshops for employees, solopreneurs or freelancers.


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Latest blog posts


About Us

James and Michelle founded Work Pirates in 2020. Work seemed particularly broken then. Too many people overworked, under-appreciated and absolutely miserable. 

We can't sit waiting around for someone to come and rescue us... to fix all that is wrong in organisations. We have to save ourselves. So this is our mission. To unf*ck work. To make it better.