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Attract and Hire
the right people
  • Identify the gaps in your organisation

  • Competitively position your business to candidates

  • Get a fool-proof selection process 

  • Develop an onboarding system that sets people up for success

Problems leaders hire us to solve

High staff turnover

Poor engagement levels

Unable to attract high quality candidates

Hiring the wrong people

No structured recruitment processes

Increasing recruitment costs

Lack of internal recruitment expertise

Lack of rigour in senior hire recruitment

Our Services

Values Mapping & Creation

Selection Process Redesign

Strong values are the foundation of a successful organisation. We help businesses of all sizes and industries establish a clear set of guiding principles.
Our values creation process is tailored to your unique needs, and we work with you every step to ensure that your values align with your mission, vision and strategy.

Getting the appropriate selection process is a critical component of an organisation's success.
That's why we offer a comprehensive selection process re-design service to help businesses of all sizes and industries create an effective, fair, and efficient selection process.

Psychometric Assessments


Onboarding is a critical step in the employee lifecycle, and we understand the importance of providing a positive and effective onboarding experience.


We offer comprehensive onboarding support to help businesses of all sizes and industries create an effective, efficient, and engaging onboarding process.

Psychometric testing is a valuable tool for organisations looking to understand the strengths, abilities, and potential of their employees and candidates.


We offer a comprehensive psychometric testing service to help businesses of all sizes and industries make informed decisions about their workforce.

Case Studies

Redesigning the selection process for a Local Government Chief Executive

Due to high turnover in senior leadership and an investigatory report outlining leadership failures, a new approach to selection was required.


Appointed to redesign the leadership behavioural framework to include recommendations from the report.


Designed an assessment centre to include rewriting interview(s), psychometric testing, written exercise and presentation.


Successfully took 5 Chief Executive candidates through the process and appointed the new Chief Executive Officer. Received excellent feedback from the council and candidates.


Business Meeting

Early career selection process for a law firm

Struggle to hire paralegals to work in a legal contact centre environment due to unrealistic candidate expectations and a lack of candidates in the market.


Hired to co-create the organisation's values and role profiles. Designed end-to-end recruitment solution, including attraction, selection and onboarding. Created bespoke selection exercises and trained the hiring managers in the process.


Eliminated agency fees, increased confidence with decision-making, candidate volume and lowered attrition.


Image by krakenimages

Psychometric testing for multinational drinks brand

We were approached to support the engagement of an area Business Development Director in Berlin for a global drinks brand headquartered in France. 


Chose the appropriate assessments, administered the psychometric assessments, conducted validation interviews with the candidates, wrote the reports and delivered verbal feedback to the hiring panel. 

Using the psychometric feedback and interviews, the client was able to identify their preferred candidate and make an offer. 

Business Meeting throught the Window
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