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How we solve
your people problems
  • Employee assessment and selection

  • Onboarding and embedding new hires

  • Team coaching and optimisation

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership development

  • Succession planning

Simplify, support, succeed

No matter what you currently have in place to support your people strategy, we can work with you to simplify, optimise or create processes that work seamlessly

for your people and your business.

Attract the right people

Culture Focus, helping you to create, communicate and embed a strengths-based culture that is designed for success.

Values Mapping, making your business an attractive prospect for the best talent.

Hire the right people

Selection process, making sure your candidate selection process is optimised for your business success.

Psychometric Assessments, understand the strengths, abilities, and potential of candidates.

Develop and nurture your people

Onboarding, making sure new hires have the best immersion into your business.

Coaching for individuals, teams, as well as supporting new managers or preparing people for promotion.

Prepare for the future

Talent Mapping, understand your current workforce and its strengths, identify gaps and what you need for the future.

Leadership Development, support your leaders or leadership team to develop the skills needed to meet your business goals.

Unfking Work Podcast.png

Business leaders, radical thinkers and those with a new perspective on work share their advice, experiences, their theories, their highs and their lows.

We're proud to count these forward-thinking organisations amongst our clients

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