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The Missing Piece in Job Adverts

Updated: Mar 8

As a self-employed woman, I often find myself browsing through job adverts with the same excitement and curiosity that people have when scrolling through listings of multi-million-pound luxury properties.

But there's one thing that never fails to get on my nerves – the fact that so many of these enticing job adverts don't provide any information about the salary. It's as if employers expect potential candidates to be so captivated by the allure of the role that they won't care about the financial side of things. Well, let me tell you, it's bonkers! In this blog post, I want to delve into the frustrating game of job hunting and explore why the absence of salary information in job adverts is a real threat to both job seekers and the hiring process itself.

Just like browsing through beautiful properties online, looking at job adverts can be an exhilarating experience. Each listing holds the promise of a new opportunity, a chance to grow professionally, and perhaps even find a dream role. However, as I scroll through these enticing job descriptions, my excitement often turns into disappointment when I reach the salary section, only to find it conspicuously absent.

It's bewildering to me that employers fail to include salary information in their job adverts. How are they expecting to entice talented individuals to apply when one of the most crucial aspects of any job is shrouded in secrecy? Salary plays a significant role in attracting candidates and is a vital factor in a job seeker's decision-making process. By omitting this crucial information, employers create unnecessary barriers and leave candidates in the dark. They ask themselves if it’s even worth their time to apply.

The absence of salary information is a frustrating hurdle for job seekers. It forces us to invest time and energy in the application process without knowing whether the role is financially viable. Candidates (and self-employed people who sometimes like to take a wander into the what-if game of getting an actual job) wondering if the salary will align with our expectations, experience, and financial needs. It's a guessing game that can lead to wasted efforts and dashed hopes.

Not only does the lack of salary information frustrate job seekers, but it also hampers the efficiency of the hiring process itself. When candidates are unsure about the compensation, they may hesitate to apply or disengage from the opportunity altogether. This results in a pool of applicants who might not be the best fit for the role, wasting both the employer's and candidates' time.

To address this issue, employers must prioritise transparency and include salary information in their job adverts. By providing clear details about the compensation package, employers can attract genuinely interested candidates and ensure a more efficient hiring process. It's time to shift the mindset that salary is taboo and recognise its importance in creating a fair and open job market.

The thrill of browsing job adverts should not be overshadowed by the frustration of not knowing the salary. Just as people would be hesitant to invest in luxury properties without knowing the price tag, job seekers need to know what they can expect regarding compensation. Employers must embrace transparency and recognise that salary information is crucial in attracting the right candidates and facilitating a smoother hiring process. Let's put an end to the bonkers practice of leaving salary information out of job adverts and create a more equitable job market for all.

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