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Unfucking work with Elizabeth Lembke

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Elizabeth Lembke is the guest on episode 4 of our podcast Unf*cking Work - available wherever you get your podcasts. Trust us when we say this episode is best enjoyed visually, over on our YouTube channel, Elizabeth’s visual metaphors are not to be missed! Think maleficent horns and oracle Furby. Yes, you read that right – this podcast features an oracle Furby. Elizabeth discusses:

- What is the Great Resignation, and why is it happening now?

- How do we recognise and protect talent?

- The importance of civil courage in unf*cking work for everyone!

Elizabeth is the Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent, specialising in all things talent and impact-at-work related. With 20+ years experience in global, strategic, and hands-on HR, she is an ardent proponent of making talent and organisational development exhilarating - not debilitating. This is at the heart of her client and volunteer work.

What is the one thing you would do to unilaterally unfuck work?

Celebrate Civil Courage at work.

Celebrate #CourageForAndWith to stand up for #PrinciplesOverProcess

What is the best example of unfucking work you’ve seen in the wild?

Well, I got an innovation award for one while at BorgWarner. Succeeding via Our Habits based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®.

We were the fastest growing business unit with the highest innovation potential – but also had post four M&A transactions, multiple closures and transfers, the lowest Pride score (engagement) in Enterprise. After two years, greatest increase in Pride ever measured by AonHewitt. Global, 7 languages, over 30 talent pipeline internal facilitators, 2,000 participants, for all-employees. Read more here.

Also take a look at these three:

  1. Facebook page of Nike Brave Space and supporting Brave Space Alliance

  2. Evolutionary Organizations names quite a few, take a look at this article on Medium.

  3. Mandy Chooi agile transformation of the ING Bank

Who is your unfucking work icon? The ultimate Work Pirate?

Hmmm…. So many amazing people come to mind.

Hung Lee, LinkedIn

Mandy Chooi, LinkedIn

Jessica Mohammed, LinkedIn

Julie Curtin, LinkedIn

Tom Klein, LinkedIn

Recommend a book, podcast or article to our Work Pirates crew that made you think differently about work.

Work Miracles (1999) by Stephen K. Hacker, Marta Wilson, with Cindy S. Johnston Why Teams Can Fail - and what to do about it (1995) by Darcy H. Hitchcock and Marsha L. Willard.

Take a look at Work Pirates Good Reads for all the book recommendations from our community.


Find Elizabeth on LinkedIn

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