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Work Pirates Gathering: virtual screening of Vanishing Women by Jimi Okubanjo

As ever, we’re committed to the cause of unfucking work for everyone. And this month, we’ve got something very special lined up to help businesses have the difficult and necessary conversations needed to keep their top senior talent.

We’ve teamed up with corporate leader-turned-filmmaker Jimi Okubanjo to share her documentary and experiences at a virtual preview event on October 19th at 7pm BST.

Born out of Jimi’s own experiences, Vanishing Women: Why Women of Colour are Fleeing the Corporate World follows professionals from London as they share the life-changing trauma they faced due to toxic workplaces created by chronic racism, sexism, bullying, harassment and disillusionment and how they are rebuilding their careers, by leaving the corporate and institutional work.

Jimi has drawn on her successful 20-year career working in leadership roles with Global Fortune 100 corporations across four continents to explore what leaders can do that actually makes a difference.

Looking at toxic workplaces in one of the world’s most liberal countries, Vanishing Women aims to help business leaders start difficult conversations and champion uncomfortable action, promoting talent retention and enabling businesses to reap the financial gains of a more diverse leadership.

As part of the event, Jimi will take part in a live Q&A with Michelle and James, who will ask the filmmaker about her experiences and inspiration as well as how to effectively and sustainably tackle toxic workplaces.

Tickets for the event start at £10 per person, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Jimi and the Vanishing Women project.

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