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Work Pirates is 3 Today!

Updated: Jan 9

Work Pirates is 3 today!

And an unintended coincidence was us registering the business on July 14th – Bastille Day.

But, in some ways, very fitting.

234 years after the French Revolution, we find ourselves surrounded by economic uncertainty, mental health challenges, child poverty, a cost-of-living crisis, and more.

There are leaders in the world seemingly out to further their own interests, rather than the well-being and prosperity of their constituents and taxpaying citizens.

And workplaces are not fit for modern needs with burnout, quiet quitting and disengaged employees as common themes.

The similarities are quite marked with late 18th century France.

Unhappy people in challenging circumstances.

And a tipping point is reached.

Whether it’s the French saying “bon, ça suffit la” (effectively “right, we’ve had enough”), and doing something about it.

Or whether it was the Golden Age Pirates that set out to change their world, and break out from the tyrannical, dictatorial ‘leadership’ and poor treatment in the British Royal Navy.

This is a time for doing something about where we are.

And this is why we set up Work Pirates.

We aren’t suggesting storming political hubs, or toppling monarchs.

But we are suggesting that more people need to go against the status quo, to challenge leadership, to seek out what isn’t working, and to try something new.

And if you are a business owner or in a senior people position, looking to address some people problems, then do get in touch.

That’s the sort of workplace change that we can help with.

Thank you to Sam Conniff 🏴‍☠️‎‍ for writing BE MORE PIRATE ☠️ and lighting the fuse that inspired our own Pirate journey. And to Alex Barker for writing How to Be More Pirate to continue this momentum.

And to everyone who has supported us for the last 3 years (and more). We appreciate you all and we are excited about all the ideas and impact we will bring to light in the coming years.


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