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Treasure Chest

The way we’ve always done things is no longer working.

We created Work Pirates, to help you re-write the rules of work. We help leaders gain the confidence, courage and tools to do things differently and better solve their problems, feel less stressed and have a happier, more innovative workplace with more empowered employees.

Ways to get involved

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1. Unf*cking work podcast

Inspiration to help you unf*ck work

Listen each month to James & Michelle share their opinions on the current hot workplace topics, plus those of a special guest, what they are doing, and the tips you can implement in your role and business.

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2. Read our blog

Collaborate with other Work Pirates

Bringing together a community of Work Pirates to collaborate on our mission to unf*ck work.

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3. Download 8 steps to becoming a Work Pirate

Our 'how to' guide'

Download our free guide - 8 Steps to Becoming A Work Pirate. 

Helping aspiring Work Pirates find the courage to unf*ck work. Re-write the rules and start your own mutinies!

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4. Join the hub

Watch all our gatherings

Our Work Pirates are at the heart of what we do - we love getting together to talk about all things work. To make sure that you’re up to speed with all of the gatherings we’ve had, and are the first to hear about new resources we share, sign up!

Stay in touch?

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