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Unf*cking Work

Unf*ck = To correct a situation (or yourself, if necessary)

Being a Work Pirate is all about creating a better world for everyone. It's about breaking the rules and replacing them with better ones, causing good trouble and creating bolder, braver and more purposeful organisations.

You become a Work Pirate when you’re fed up with the misuse of power and exploitation of people in work.

It’s a mindset you adopt when you need to create change.


Provocative On Purpose

We didn't want to become the same old, run-of-the-mill people consultancy. One with generic, vague, corporate-sounding missions that don't mean anything or excite us, our clients or our community. Our sweary mission is designed to stand out, provoke and bring awareness to the workplace chaos that needs addressing.

Some 21st century workplace crises

You don't have to look far to see that there is much work to be done.

The Great Resignation

Disengaged team members

Rock bottom mental health

Profit before people

Poor leadership

Disconnected teams

What we're doing...

Our Services

With over 40 years of combined experience, we bring a collaborative, professional and
engaging approach for business leaders to unf*ck their people problems.
We focus on Employee Selection, Coaching, and Leadership Development.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Employee Selection

Hire your crew


Develop your strengths

Team & Leadership Development

Nurturing talent

The wider unf*cking work mission

We can't solve every workplace problem. However, our wider mission is to bring awareness and a platform to other change makers to share the burning issues, what they are doing about these, and the practical tips you could implement.

Unf*cking Work Podcast

Listen to the latest episode by clicking play or heading to wherever you usually get your podcasts.

In our monthly podcast, listen to James & Michelle discussing the current workplace hot topics, followed by a change making guest who shares their wisdom and tips. Previous topics include: neurodiversity, job crafting, the 4-day work week, confronting toxic workplaces and corporate trauma, and more.

Latest Unf*cking Work Blogs

Learn from James, Michelle and a variety of selected guests.

Image by Jakob Rosen

The Unf*ck-It List

We asked our community of Work Pirates what they could do to unf*ck work. This is what we all came up with...

1. Be a Human

Treat people like adults and allow them to bring their whole selves to work, work to their strengths and stop with the perfection.

2. Have Good Conversations

Have those vital conversations that need to happen, don't shy away from doing the hard stuff.

3. Sort Out Leadership

Train those who lead people on how to do people leadership.

4. Stop The Hustle

People are not machines and can't keep going no matter what - they will eventually break. Promote the importance of rest and play.

5. Create Better Workplaces

Design organisations that work for people, putting the right foundations in so people can do their jobs.

6. Be a Pirate

Help people challenge the way things are done with a focus on doing the right thing (which is often not the easy thing).

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