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Unf*cking Work

Unf*ck = To correct a situation (or yourself, if necessary)


Being a Work Pirate is all about creating a better world for everyone. It's about breaking the rules and replacing them with better ones, causing good trouble and creating bolder, braver and more purposeful organisations.

You become a Work Pirate when you’re fed up with the misuse of power and exploitation of people in work.

It’s a mindset you adopt when you need to create change.


What we've done so far..

We can't do this alone... we need your help!

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The Unf*ck-It List

We asked our community of Work Pirates what they could do to unf*ck work. This is what we all came up with...

1. Be a Human

Treat people like adults and allow them to bring their whole selves to work, work to their strengths and stop with the perfection.

2. Have Good Conversations

Have those vital conversations that need to happen, don't shy away from doing the hard stuff.

3. Sort Out Leadership

Train those who lead people on how to do people leadership.

4. Stop The Hustle

People are not machines and can't keep going no matter what - they will eventually break. Promote the importance of rest and play.

5. Create Better Workplaces

Design organisations that work for people, putting the right foundations in so people can do their jobs.

6. Be a Pirate

Help people challenge the way things are done with a focus on doing the right thing (which is often not the easy thing).


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