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Team & Leadership Development

Nurturing your talent

Leadership is a critical component of any successful organisation. We offer comprehensive leadership development programmes designed to help individuals and teams
reach their full potential.

Problems that clients hire us to solve

Losing talented people

Unable to grow strong leaders

No talent plan or development

No leadership or management training

No succession plans

Pressure to improve results

Who to retain post restructure

Teams not performing

Our Services


Team Strengths Development Programme

Our programme helps to bring out the best of each person, direct strengths at individual and common goals, with a manager that is confident in how they coach and manage a team, leading to a more collaborative, higher performing team.


Talent Mapping

We help you create a clear and accurate picture of your current and future workforce needs, and identify potential internal and external talent to ensure that your business is well-positioned for the future.

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Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership development is an ongoing process and our programmes are designed to support individuals and teams throughout their leadership journey.


Leadership Diagnostics

Leadership is a critical component of organisational success, we understand the importance of identifying and developing strong leaders. We help businesses of all sizes and industries understand the strengths and weaknesses of their leadership team and identify opportunities for improvement.

"I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on the Viridor Leadership Development Programme. Michelle has a unique ability to quickly analyse the business need and subsequently design a range of bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of its individuals.

Michelle is one of the most personable, engaging, enthusiastic and effervescent professionals I have ever come across, she takes the time to really get to know people and values their input and diverse views and values. She has a huge passion for helping others shine and to see their true potential.

I massively enjoyed collaborating with Michelle and am excited to continue working with her in the future."

Melissa Moloney - Head of Global L&D

Case Studies

Leadership diagnostics for national waste management company

Analysis of leadership strengths and gaps was required to support the restructuring of the organisation.

Engaged to support with leadership diagnostics for area managers within a large national waste management company.

Completed leadership diagnostics and feedback, 360 feedback exercise and designed a development centre to assess the leadership capabilities of all participants. Information fed into leadership development programme. 

Brainstorming Session
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