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Be Gone, Blue Monday

So, today is the 3rd January in Monday. Or should that be the 3rd Monday in January?!

Christmas no doubt feels a distant memory; the mince pies are gone, the only tinned sweets left are the ones no one wants, the decorations and lights are gone and perhaps you have just about managed to get over the withdrawal symptoms of not eating 8 times a day.

Reading around, Blue Monday, is commonly seen as a day that feels pretty grim in general.

It’s dark early, the credit card bills start appearing showing the true cost of festive gluttony, and those inspiring New Year’s resolutions are starting to drop off one by one. Our clothes are hugging us tighter than usual. There’s a sluggish and foggy feeling in mind and body.

It all makes sense really why we don’t feel fighting fit and raring to go at this point in the year.

Particularly on a Monday.

The start of another long week (especially if you don’t like where you work and hope/plan/wish for something else to appear). A lottery win, an inheritance, some recruiter pitching you your dream job, being helped to finally set up your own business, or maybe you're under pressure to increase your business revenue to be able to live!

A common go-to I found myself getting into on such a Monday is to find whatever numbs those negative feelings or voices.

Let’s face it, feeling like this on a dark, cold, Monday, the option of a takeaway, a number of beverages and binging a series on Netflix can be much more appealing than changing your life!

Life changing action? Not today, James! That shit ain’t happening. Come back tomorrow!

And this doesn’t just apply to January 17th this year.

This could be any Monday of the year that feels like a Blue Monday.

I am, however, a big believer in starting where you are.

So, as a first step.

Listen out for these feelings, the voices. Capture in some notes (whether on your phone, in a journal) the things which feel like they are running away from you, the areas of unhappiness, where you feel things just don’t give you joy.

It might not feel it, but this is the body and the brain giving us really useful information to work with.

And having this as the starting point, brings us a number of options as to what to do with this.

Be open minded and kind with this exercise.

It’s not about beating yourself up.

And really feel accomplished in having the courage to take action and start in this way.


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