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Covid19 - What's Next For The Workplace?

Updated: Mar 8

We were excited to bring a panel discussion, hosted by Nina Robison of MacGregor Black and James Eves of Inspiration North.

We talk to Graeme Boylen, Tarmac’s HR Director, Michelle Minnikin, Chartered Psychologist, and founder of Insights Business Psychology, Rob Baker, Founder & Chief Positive Deviant of Tailored Thinking.

We talked about:

- How coronavirus has changed the world of work

- What might a post covid workplace look like

- What Covid 19 has taught us people professionals

About the Panel

Graeme Boylen - Graeme is a commercially focused HR Director with experience in Europe, Middle East and Africa. His experience is broad ranging in all HR / OD matters including; talent, leadership development, performance management, culture change, organisation design, communications, pensions and M&A activities.

His greatest achievements have been in creating cultures with outstanding levels of employee engagement that drive and enable sustainable, profitable success.

Rob Baker - Rob is Founder & Chief Positive Deviant of Tailored Thinking. He wants to make the world of work a better place and brings zest, curiosity and a collaborative spirit to everything that he does. He is at his best working with people and organisations to thrive.

Rob is a positive psychology and wellbeing specialist and his ideas and research on job crafting, strengths and bringing our whole and best selves to work has been presented across the UK and internationally at academic and professional conferences and events.

Michelle Minnikin - Michelle is a Chartered Business Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Founder of Insights Business Psychology – she helps organisations select awesome humans and loves helping awesome humans create awesome careers.

Michelle is fascinated with humans and loves transforming the world of work for both employees and employers and making everyone happier and more productive. Your Hosts

The discussion was hosted by Nina Robison, Head of Practice - Human Resources at MacGregor Black and James Eves, Co-Founder of Inspiration North and a Director of Insights Business Psychology.


MacGregor Black is the complete talent partner, focussing on the Consumer & Retail sector. Building the know-how in our six specialised discipline areas, underlines our position as the UK's only fully focused Consumer & Retail sector specialists.

Insights Business Psychology exists to help organisations select and develop the best people and support individuals with their careers through leadership coaching and mentoring to enable them to fulfil their potential.

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