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Does unf*cking a workplace mean we smash everything up?

You might be a business owner, a people professional or someone that is looking to solve a people problem in your business.

Our Work Pirates posts catch your eye with the in-your-face branding and language.

And the tagline of “Unf*cking Work” is intriguing.

It might feel a bit dangerous, exciting, and risky. Not quite what you’d expect from something in the human resources consultancy space, right?

You might ask yourself: Could I really let loose a bunch of pirates in our business? Even if we do have things that need fixing?

Sounds like it would be crazy and destructive.

This isn’t what we are about.

We aren’t coming in, changing as much as possible, billing you, saying goodbye, leaving you on your own and sailing off into the sunset. Then waiting for you to come back to say that our advice and recommendations didn’t work. So you need more of our time.

That old model of consultancy doesn’t excite us.

We want to collaborate with clients and actually make an impact with you.

As you will see us often point out, there is so much about the workplace that doesn’t work.

But don’t overlook that there are already lots of things that you are getting right.

So, where do the pirates fit in?

Find something to focus on that needs unf*cking.

Maybe you have a staff retention problem, you aren’t hiring people with your values (your pirate code!), you want to create a more open culture where people are empowered to bring suggestions to improve how you operate.

We find that focus, work together on the solution, bring input from across your organisation, then get to work to give you the tools, confidence and support to make sure it happens.

Plus, as pirates we want change to be something that everyone buys into as it’s that little bit exciting, and fun.

So, as you can see…unf*cking work, doesn’t equate to chaos and mayhem.

It is good trouble.

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