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Launching the Unf*cking Work Podcast

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

And here we are, setting sail with a new addition to the Work Pirates offering.

We are really excited about this project and where it may go. Podcasting has become such a popular medium to share good content globally.

From our own careers, and experiences in the workplace, Michelle and I have seen what works well and what doesn’t, which we will share with you.

And with the ability to record without needing to be in the same room as our guests, we will be bringing a variety of cultural and subject matter expertise and perspectives from across the world.

And this is the purpose of the podcast.

To share subjects that are topical for workplaces, and offer some practical tips and advice as to what we can do about them.

This podcast is for you (or anyone you might know) if you are a People Professional, Leader, Business Owner and you want to start your own mutiny to unfuck your workplace.

We will be ‘live’ across the most common apps such as Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, but you can search for the Unfucking Work Podcast in your favourite player and we will be in most places.

So, climb aboard, join the movement and get some fresh ideas for your own mutiny.

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