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My journey to work pirates

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

It looks like a book. A book with a shocking pink cover and no title on the front - a little stolen quote from a man, long-since passed. It’s pinkness called out to me. As well as it’s teachings on how to be a pirate. The stories and lessons from its ordinary pages were magical and inspiring and took me to a time I wish I had experienced.

The truth of the pirates became words that danced around my brain. Stories that would not be quiet. Stories that remind us why we shouldn't do what is expected of us. How we can use a little bit of rebellion, break and re-write the rules and change the world.

This was not just a book. It was a way of living. A coming home. A pink bible.

This was 2 years ago. Why has it taken me so long to do something about it? In truth, I was always a pirate. When I had a proper job I was always challenging the rules, processes, authority... the bosses that got the best out of me were those who let me get on with it and do things in my unique way. I always had a knack of finding a better way of doing things and not being afraid to speak up (and get into trouble). When I left my most favourite corporate job I left a list of 100 helpful humans who could help get the job done more efficiently than following the overly bureaucratic processes.

When I started in this self-employment journey 4 years ago I was told I was too nice to be in business, not 'formal' enough, I was not like the other psychologists, not doing things the right way, not good at selling stuff. OK, so I become super close to and end up absolutely adoring my clients and ensuring that it is fun to work with me. I also love working with other people. I don't believe in competition, but in collaboration - there is enough work for all of us. What is wrong with that?

Reading Be More Pirate helped me come back to me, helped me understand there was a desperate need for rebels, misfits, and weirdos to rise up, challenge authority, break the rules, create communities and become the role models that the world needs to get sh*t done.

Yes, this is me in the blurb of the book. I hunted Sam Conniff Allende down, asked him to come to Newcastle to visit us, befriended him (and the wonderful Alex Barker!) and he asked me to write something for the new edition of Be More Pirate! What a bloody honour.

It has taken 2 years and meeting my awesome Co-Captain, James (and lots of reading, research, chats, inspiration, and a massive touch of courage) to let go of my Insights Business Psychology brand and get a bunch of people I adore and would love to work with together and launch Work Pirates.

Are you doing what you're supposed to be doing and being brave?

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