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New Month, New You

Hello February, we’ve been waiting for you.

How have you been getting on with your New Year’s resolutions?

Crushing it? Going ok? Or so-so?

I have to confess this year that I didn’t work on my New Year’s goals. Nothing at all!

And I have been a fan for years of putting some time in around the 31st of December; to reflect on what I had achieved in the past 12 months, and what I’d like to work towards with another year ahead.

I’d been ill in the run up to Christmas, and had my booster at the end of December, which flattened me somewhat.

So, rather than force the task. I let it go.

When I think about it, this time of year is perhaps one of the toughest to actually decide on taking action to change our lives in some way. And then to actually get it done.

I understand the shot of inspiration, the swell of emotion and excitement at New Year and this being “our year.”

But once here, it’s cold and dark. We’ve spent lots of time and money over the holidays, indulged in all sorts of deliciously calorific food.

Starting the year fatter, poorer, and more sluggish doesn’t typically translate into the ideal environment for crushing the new year!

And particularly this year, it just wasn’t happening for me.

However, now that January is out of the way, what do you say about figuring something out for the new month? You don’t need to wait until next Christmas!

The days are getting that little bit lighter. Covid measures have been lessened in the UK.

Spring feels that bit closer. I hear more conversations about getting passports renewed, seeing family and maybe taking a chance at getting abroad again for a holiday. More optimism going around than we’ve had in a while.

That feels more like a better space to get onto making some changes.

What do you feel like doing for you?

Deep down I’m sure there is something. A voice whispering to you what this is.

Find that, mull it over, and what is one small action you can do TODAY, that gets you started?

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