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The ADHD Stereotype

You might have seen from a variety of posts that there is a stereotype often presumed whenever ADHD comes up.

You know the naughty little boy, the one that can’t sit still or is loud and disruptive?

It is often given as a reason as to why so many people don’t seek an assessment – particularly women.

Now stereotypes exist, as I see it for good reason. Because they do exist!

Think about it...

The German tourists being the first to the pool to get their towels on the best sun loungers? Not all Germans but we’ve all seen those that do, in fact, do this!

The British guy you can spot a mile off at the airport. The grey tracksuit, and particularly the bright, bright white trainers! Not everyone, but you see them.

People in the North East of England not wearing coats until it gets down to nearer freezing point! Totally true, but not everyone!

You get the idea.

Since I came out of the ADHD closet, with my diagnosis of Inattentive ADHD, it was met with surprise by many people.

And the more I have started writing about the Inattentive kind of ADHD, the more people I have had reach out to me.

Typically, some of their comments are:

“I don’t connect with the typical stereotype or others I have seen talk about their diagnosis.”

“I didn’t realise there were different types of ADHD.”

“Your experiences and how you describe them resonate so much with me.”

So, us ADHD-ers might have some common symptoms and how ADHD displays itself.

But it isn’t quite clear cut. And we aren’t all the same. We are also individuals.

Neurodivergence in all its forms means that we have some nuances of difference and how we come across. You don't have to fit the classic stereotype.

I didn’t think I fit the stereotype so held off for ages.

This is how the whole process started for me.

I heard someone’s experiences and stories, they resonated, and I took the leap to seek an assessment.

So, keep reading, exploring and reflecting if this is something that you think might be you too.

Feel free to reach out to me if these help or you would like me to cover any other topics or questions.

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