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The Unf*cking Work Podcast: The Voyage so Far

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Just like that, we’re five episodes in with the Unf*cking Work podcast - the course is set and the voyage is well and truly underway. So what are the top five lessons we’ve learned from the podcast so far?

Episode 1: Climb Aboard with James and Michelle

Unf*ck work by…climbing aboard

As the debut episode of Unf*cking Work shows, any great journey starts with a single step. For Michelle and James, taking that first step into looking at how work can be unf*cked and reimagined came after years of exploration and challenges from being in working environments that just didn’t get it. The passionate pair share their individual journeys and experiences that led them to lead the workplace mutiny and unf*ck work once and for all. It is crucial for Work Pirates to be able to identify what is wrong so that they can begin their voyage with a clear path in mind.

Episode 2: Kieran Rose - Neurodiverse vs Neurodivergent?

Unf*ck work by…embracing neurodiversity

Being open and accepting of the differences of those around us is a fundamental part of unf*cking work. The second episode of the Unf*cking Work podcast saw ADHDers Michelle and James joined by Autistic parent, author, academic and international public speaker Kieran Rose. Together they discuss the importance of understanding and accepting that humans are not simply resources, and need to be treated as individuals with unique strengths and needs. Kieran also shares his experience of how trauma is wrapped up in the narratives of neurodivergent people, and how this needs to be considered when working with neurodiversity.

Episode 3: Sakshi Bansal - Why Kindness Should be a Business Strategy

Unf*ck work by…embedding kindness

Kindness can be the surprising yet effective weapon in a work pirate’s arsenal. For the third episode of the Unf*cking Work podcast, Michelle and James invited organisational psychologist and UNESCO Kindness Ambassador Sakshi Bansal to discuss how kindness can and should be at the heart of every business.

In a world where environmental, social and governance (ESG) hold increasing influence and consumers hold businesses accountable, kindness can be so much more than simple benevolence - it can be powerful and profitable.

Episode 4: Elizabeth Lembke - Great Resignation or Great Reawakening?

Unf*ck work by…stopping, pausing and thinking

The pandemic created one of the most significant shifts in how people work since the Industrial Revolution, so maybe it’s time to pause and think about what we’re actually doing in the workplace. The fourth episode of the Unf*cking Work podcast welcomes Elizabeth Lembke, Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent, to talk about how to navigate the monumental changes in the world of work in a way that respects, attracts and retains top talent. Employers need to stop, pause and think about what they actually do and where they want to go - creating a purpose-based culture rather than an arbitrary one based on what ‘should’ be happening.

Episode 5: The Voyage so far with James and Michelle

Unf*ck work by…joining the mutiny

No one captain can navigate choppy waters without a loyal crew behind them, and this is just as true for Work Pirates. As Michelle and James reflect on their voyage so far in the fifth episode of the Unf*cking Work podcast, they highlight the importance of coming together to share expertise, rage at the systems and start the revolution. From strikes to the 4-day week trial, coming together as a collective is at the heart of unf*cking work in a meaningful and sustainable way.


Missed an episode? Fear not, The Unf*cking Work Podcast is available through all your favourite podcast apps. Click here to find out more and dive into an episode now!

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