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To Be Seen or Not To Be Seen

I see you there...being invisible.

Is it comfortable for you? Or is there that nagging feeling you need to be seen?

Being invisible brings its upsides: no criticism, no finger pointing, no feeling hot under the spotlight.

There’s a certain level of cosiness being in the castle of our comfort zone.

That invisibility wall around us that protects us – impervious to any outside attack.

But maybe from within that encircled enclosure, your inner voice bounces back and forth, telling you to venture out and to see what might be out there.

Up comes the portcullis, down with the draw bridge and with it our guard.

We become more exposed and vulnerable as we wander out yonder.

Standing tall and visible can be daunting.

Putting yourself out there to be seen and heard before the outside jury beyond the wall of safety.

But with more time, more practice, and experience, the outer skin and the mind begin to callous from any negative, external threat.

You defeat one. Then another.

The confidence grows and you yearn for greater challenges.

Nothing can stop you.

So be brave. Be bold. Be visible.

What can you do today to become more visible?

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